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Kyouraku Shunsui

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Surely it has been nineteen days or more? [01 Mar 2006|07:45am]
[ mood | cold ]

I know that it is preferred for us to have little representative pictures...what is the technical term?...icons of ourselves but when I saw this one I simply could not resist. What better way to publicly declare our love?! What better way to let the whole school, and possibly the whole of cyberspace know that Ise Nanao is my girlfriend?!

I am a crazy man in love and not ashamed to admit it.

Even so, she still doesn't like it when I nap during the day. True, she does not throw things at me as often as she used to but there still is that disapproving glare that I have become so accustomed to. One would think that she would be more lenient nowadays but no, she is not. Her nature is relatively unchanged and that could be described as a comfort. After all, I would not want her any other way.

I have a nasty feeling that somewhere I have been neglecting duties. Is there something I have forgotten in the whirlwind of events these past few months? Perhaps. I still chaperoned the dance, though. Although what use that was is up for debate. But, hardly any teachers attend anyway. I dislike those dances but still I go to them. Well, somebody has to.

It is rather cold today. I left my bedroom window open last night and woke up sneezing. ;_;

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Oh to be eighteen again! [22 Jan 2006|03:52pm]
I am pleased that the students seem to have taken to this journal thing so well. That technology actually plays a role in bringing us together! It is wonderful to see. I notice that the staff do not seem to be as active...but that is no surprise seeing as the new term has started and already it is looking to be incredibly eventful.

Which reminds me. Is there any interest in continuing Creative Writing Club? I know that Komamura-san is supposed to be running Creative Writing class, but I haven't seen him around as of late. I suppose that the club is more for those who wish to do something on the side...It should partner quite well with Rangiku-san's English discussion class... Who knows, Rangiku? We might be able to run something together one day!

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Let me soothe the shining tears that gather in your eyes. [08 Jan 2006|05:43pm]
The Winter Flower

Once, sitting in this room did I
A pale winter flower espie
A bloom from a land of allure that is rare
To which all others could not compare.

Seeing this sight I must confess
Did strike me dumb and leave me with less
Than sufficient words to pour on praise
And adoration but alas! Twas merely a phase

For the winter flower did change and reveal
Something more lovely, less worthy to conceal
Though still wordless am I, and at a loss to express
The true beauty that the ice used to supress.

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Took a walk in the park the other morning very early, when the air was crisp enough to break into little pieces and the light was emerging through the fog and cloud. Definitely something to be doing as the sight of morning at its finest was very inspiring indeed. But then again, many things in my life have seemed inspiring as of late. No least because of you.
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Concerning Candygrams [22 Dec 2005|10:22am]
[ mood | loved ]

My my...thank you to those who took the time to send me a candygram! I have not read any Bukowski for a while...have been too caught up with Atwood and Shakespeare, since I see that there is going to be a school production of some sort happening. Must revisit him... so much to read and so little time! And to whoever found me inspiring...you don't know how much I appreciate that comment. ♥

I sent candygrams to the memebers of the Creative Writing Club with short little quotes. I tried to find ones concerning writing, and ones that fit your personalities the most. In my excitement, though, I forgot to sign them...So just pretend they have 'Happy holidays from Kyouraku-sensei' tagged on the end. Hopefully nobody has been too tied up with the mystery of figuring out these little snippets of wise words...

Ah, the holiday spirit is in the air! I even donned a santa hat when shopping for gifts.

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Fifteen sighs, a deep breath and a warm pillow. [15 Dec 2005|10:03pm]
Why do staff have to chaperone? Bad things happen at the dance regardless of our presence and I always seem to get caught up in something. This is why I prefer to stay at home most days. However, if I had not gone to the winter dance, then that would never have happened and I would not trade that thing for all of the sake in the world.

My fever has gone down, which is a relief. I have been sober for the past couple of days. An old movie and a good drink tonight, then.

So many things to get completed before the holidays...

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(For teen) Troubles, trials and headaches. [04 Dec 2005|10:26am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

To Isane and Rangiku-san, I am so sorry. You are both very beautiful but that is no excuse to behave the way that I did. But it seems that everybody else was acting strangely so that is some comfort at least. Is there any way I can make it up to either of you? ;_;

Let this be a lesson to me to actually sleep at home and not in my office. But I did go home at some point...And must have gotten a lot of work done. There were neat ordered piles of paperwork everywhere, all completed. Impressive, seeing as there was a massive backlog. Yama-jii will be pleased.

But it seemed that a song I would not usually listen to was on repeat. The words of it haunt me a little but I have decided to keep the cd.

Several mysteries have arisen. Kurosaki's little girl gave me a phone number of some description and I must have called it, because I managed to rack up a bill for daytime phonecalls on a cell phone that I do not have. Said cell phone has disappeared. Did it really exist in the first place? I am so confused. I am one of the last people who would be seen fiddling with such little marvels of communication.

No coffee or any hot drinks of any description for me for a while. Come to think of it, I am taking a few days off work.

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Unluckily lucky thirteen. [28 Nov 2005|08:01am]
Things to be thankful for: Poetry and the creative writing club, the wonderful music that everyone is sharing (Ukitake, you dark horse, you!), the existence of sake, and Nanao-chan.

Usually I am content to spend Thanksgiving alone but this year went to spend time with some cousins of mine. I think that I have firmly established myself as an oddball but it was very nice to be with people who are completely unrelated to school. It is somewhat worrying how much school is tied up with my life.

Nanao-chan, was that a student I heard in your office the other day? How come you have people to counsel and I don't? T_T

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I have made a resolution and I will stick to it. I don't know the time frame for this resolution...but it is not impossible. Just very difficult ;_; Who do the counsellors who need to be counselled go to?
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Calling all Creative Writers! [22 Nov 2005|08:54am]
[ mood | excited ]

After seeing all of these wonderful pieces that members of the Creative Writing Club have written, I was delighted with Isane's idea. She said that we should have some kind of newsletter!

Hopefully I am not running away with myself here. But so far, the Creative Writing Club is quite a small group and more than capable. If it is not too much trouble, I would like to ask the members that have already posted something in their journals whether I could use these for a school Creative Writing Newsletter. Obviously, I would not do so without your permission, but I feel that such talent should be shared! Of course, it will only be within our school community.

Those who are not members of the club, or are and have not written anything yet but would like to contribute, please feel free! Just post all of your pieces in your journals and state whether it is for the Newsletter or not. I know that you, Nanao-chan, have some remarkable poetry. ^_^

If you feel that you want to be part of such a thing, please let me know! Also, I shall answer any questions to the best of my ability.

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Tentative steps towards a precarious future. [21 Nov 2005|04:28pm]
Nobody seems to need any guidance, which is my job after all, so mostly I just spend time in my office or wandering around the school. What is bothersome is that Nanao-chan always looks so busy...surely this means I should be busy also?

Do not know whether it is in my nature or not but recently have been feeling rather...nostalgic. My experience of high school was far from perfect but it was highly amusing at least. To see us all grown up and with young people who are going through the same things that we all went through!

A thank you to those who continue to attend Creative Writing Club. Some wonderful things are being produced; it is all very inspiring.

Ah, yes, I know what has brought on this strange feeling. Nanao-chan is busy so I have nobody to talk to. It has struck me that I rarely converse with anyone else...Everyone is always so wrapped up in other things to do. It must be a craving for conversation.

At least we have these online journal things. That is some comfort.
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A few points of business. [10 Nov 2005|04:16pm]
It seems to me that there are a lot of troubles floating around in the air. I do not know whether it is because the weather has turned a little colder and greyer after Halloween, but are there any students who are seeking guidance? I think that our all-powerful principal is wondering why myself and Nanao-chan have such little 'traffic' in our offices. although this is a good sign since it hopefully means that students are having no problems. However, if there are any issues a student wishes to discuss, then I must stress that my door is always open. I do enjoy napping, but if something is necessary my ears are open and my mind is attentive. Really and truly.

I was going to hold Creative Writing club at some point, but after checking, it seems that there are no free classrooms. This is unusual...Events are conspiring against us! If necessary, I will commandeer a classroom. Unless any teacher says they have a room that they would be willing to forfeit at lunchtime? I think that the Rainbow Club were having issues with a classroom...I shall wait until they have settled down before holding a meeting.

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One last point...Boys, (I should say girls as well, in the spirit of the school Rainbow Club) the way to a woman's heart can be found through her stomach. But flowers work just as well, too.
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For the ninth time... [05 Nov 2005|08:07am]


You're not talking to me, are you? ;_;

Hopefully everyone found the Career Fair as entertaining as I did to be a useful experience. It was wonderful to see so many people attending. The students and the teachers were all so enthusastic. It was a great sight to see!

Kuchiki has enquired as to when the next Creative Writing Club meeting will be. I had totally forgotten I have been somewhat busy getting drunk and drugged at the staff party first with the staff party and then with the career fair. But shall we say one lunchtime this week? I shall see you all in the same place as before and perhaps we can begin to share some of our work and ideas!
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Eight hopes, eight dreams [02 Nov 2005|11:29am]
The morning after the party, it seemed that I had much more difficulty with a monster of a hangover waking up. Sleep seemed so much more appealing than it usually is. I physically could not open my eyes. However, a shower and some very very VERY strong coffee sorted things out to a manageable degree. It is unusual for alcohol to affect me in such a way so I have come to the conclusion that either Kenpachi keeps stronger stuff than I am accustomed to highly unlikely or that I had something which disagreed with me. Nanao-chan's candy? Hmm...the only other possibility is Nemu-san, I seem to remember taking a drink from her on the way out. I shall be keeping a closer eye on the Kurotsuchi family from now on.

Moving on (it takes me so long to type on this infernal machine) the career fair is happening soon! I look forward to seeing the students exploring new paths! I have also organised some wonderful people to man stalls. It should make for a fascinating event!

I also look forward to working with Nanao-chan again ♥ How many years have we been working together now? This hapless old heart of mine sees those years as a blur!

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Tell me what pales the dawn. [26 Oct 2005|11:02am]
A breath of smoke trails
Around this empty room but one
Circles, tries to keep the shape and fails
Disperses, fades, as ought to be done.

Try again. Another breath, another wisp
Formulates the whoosh of a line
And with it, the memorable whisper of a kiss
This trail will not leave, it lingers to remind

A tired old soul of lights and fire
Flora, spice, darkness and ice
Heights and completion to which we aspire
Yet this endless cycle of twists must suffice.

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Six times six leaves you with a pretty number. [21 Oct 2005|09:15pm]
Ukitake! Remember that time back in high school when we both went to the Halloween party dressed as knights (in shining armour)? XD Good times, good times.

Ah, what to dress up as for the staff party! Did I hear someone suggest a drunken hobo? Kenpachi, was that you? I resent that ;_; You should know that I have far too much style for such a thing.

Nanao-chan! Want to be my date for the evening? ^_________^

This is all terribly exciting!

Am I chaperoning the school dance? I don't think I am but I may turn up just to see what everyone's up to. ^.^
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Fifth in line and it seems it is not moving. [18 Oct 2005|08:36am]
I have discovered that I am terrible at typing. It seems that every time I try to write something on this piece of technology, unless I am paying very careful attention, I make several typing errors. Apologies to those who read my messages and do not understand what I am saying! The pen and paper are my weapons of choice!

I have been neglecting this 'diary' of sorts. I have been so busy lazing around running the Creative Writing club (Please feel free to join us!) and planning the careers fair. Such potential! The very thought that these young people will become the leaders and the pioneers of the future is very exciting!

The teacher lounge is very comfortable. It seems that the best time to be there is early in the morning. That way, I can use several chairs to make a comfortable place to lie down without being disturbed for a little while. However, the chair in my office does just as well. It seems that there is not an awful lot to do when people do not seek guidance. Although I have seen a few students heading towards Nanao-chan's office. ;_; She's always busy these days! I haven't played with her in a while ;_;

Perhaps it's time for me to find a new friend. A new crush! But ah, my poor old heart cannot bear to let go and find another!

I shall see if she is busy. If she is not, I will knock on her door. If she is, I will still knock on her door.
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Creative Writing club! [14 Oct 2005|07:59am]
For those wonderful students who have not already heard, I have started a Creative Writing Club! Come and release your soul and express your innermost thoughts! It is the pink sheet of paper on the board ^.^

As for the careers fair, I have already planned what staff refreshments there should be and have managed to find some of that lovely tea Nanao-chan drinks. One person bribed, any more offers?

Any more teaching staff, you're welcome to be present at that day! The more the merrier!

Unohana-san, you owe me a lunch. ^.^~

I broke my favourite sake cup ;_; I do not know how that happened...But then again, I cannot remember much of what happened last night apart from the Spanish radio station I managed to tune into. Music! Sweet music! The voice of the soul just as poetry is its words.

But how lonely it is to be drinking on your own.
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Careers Fair [10 Oct 2005|08:23pm]
It's going to be that time of year again soon!

Our ever-wonderful principal has given the go-ahead for the Sereitai High School Careers Fair! It is all in the pipeline, oh that line which is the bane of our lives when we are bursting with excitement, but hopefully it will happen soon if there are no other major events happening right now (although what could be more major than guidance for the future?). This is of the utmost importance since most of you are likely studying subjects or will continue subjects that will lead to a future of employment. ^______^

Nanao-chan and myself will be organising the event. I am asking here if any of the adults will be willing to man a desk and be free for the whole day to let a student approach them? Answers to questions such as the reason why you chose a specific career, what your job entails and other such details will be of the utmost importance! Please feel free to volunteer yourself for this! I am sure the youth of today will have much to learn from our example! Our fellow teachers should also be able to offer advice concerning careers that their subject may lead to.

I am sure that most of you will be interested in participating! Students, this is your chance to follow briefly those paths which you are considering! Let me know if you are indeed interested, we need to get an idea of numbers so we can fight the Kendo club for the biggest space to hold the event. Please feel free to ask me any questions and if I cannot answer them, since all human knowledge is limited, then surely Nanao-chan will be able to help. ^_^ As for the day itself, I will most likely be floating around offering assistance and popping out every now and then for a quick nap.

[OOC: Sorry for dragging you into this, Nanao. XD]
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The second we put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard. [07 Oct 2005|08:37pm]
[ mood | quixotic ]

She said she would, ladies and gentlemen! She said that she would! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Poetry at midnight. It even sounds wonderful.

I suppose she did not explicitly say yes...But she did not say no when I brought it up this morning! And therefore, she said yes! That is good enough for me.

Now to see who has the words worthy to charm the heart of the coldest ice princess. My own writings should be saved for another time, perhaps. Everybody loves Keats. Perhaps my darling Nanao-chan will appreciate him too. Or maybe I could share some of my poetry if she shares some of hers? She writes so beautifully! It is a wonder that our school does not have some kind of creative writing club. If any of the students have such talent, we should be nurturing it!

In other news, today I found the straw hat that was lost last summer. Wonderful! The perfect thing to keep the sun out of my eyes when I'm taking my afternoon nap.

A very good day for Shunsui. ~♥

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The first breaks the ice. [07 Oct 2005|08:35am]
So many students who need help, so little time to compose those snippets of poetry which are the most appropriate for their situation! Hopefully everyone will be able to find their own guidance this year, for the path towards self-enlightenment lies with...the self.

Contrary to popular belief, I am not drunk all of the time. It is such a pity that poetic insight is misinterpreted as alcohol-induced babbling.

Another year of working with Nanao-chan! She lights up my day. Perhaps I should spend some time talking to the other female members of staff. This is something which needs to be pondered during an afternoon lie-down.

The school is so full of colourful characters! And perhaps the keeping of online journals (my my, aren't we very modern and technological) will help everyone to learn more about themselves, bringing them closer to their full potential! The thought of it is dizzying. So is the thought of the staff party.

There should be a list somewhere around the office for appointments and my door is open any time should anyone feel that they need a little wisdom. Even if you happen to miss class during an appointment, I am sure that you will come out with much more than the teachers could ever teach you! (Sorry, everyone.) The world of high school is a confusing place for most youngsters. But be carefree and happy for now! Just remember that the more alcohol you drink now, the greater your tolerance will be in the future.

And that, my friends, is all for today.
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